Typically, couples who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol are unable to find rehab facilities where they can stay together and fight their addiction together. We offer a special couples program that is customized not only for each individual, but for each couple. We understand that it’s important to you and to the successful recovery of you two together to undergo treatment side by side, in order to provide positive support and understanding of each other. 


Alcohol and Drug Therapy for Couples

There are many couples out there suffering in their addiction. Know that you are not alone. Our couples therapy allows you to work to improve and strengthen your relationship as well as receive support from other couples that are also struggling to overcome their addiction. 

Improving the Relationship

The program designed by us is exclusively meant for couples where both partners are addicted and suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Our program allows you to learn more about your partner and your relationship. Our experienced clinical team will guide you in how you can both successfully support each other in your recovery. We will assist you not only in achieving sobriety, but also in empowering your relationship. 

How is our Program Different?

Aside from the individualized program that each individual receives, our couples program also includes couples therapy. We also run “couples in recovery” therapy groups that are designed to empower your relationship, and work on how to assist each other in your sobriety with other couples that are also enrolled in the program. 

Defining Yourself

We understand that couples can become co-dependent on their partner, especially when both have been lost in their addiction for an extended period of time. We help you to use your dependency in a healthy way, and learn how to encourage each other as well as continue to work on your own personal growth. Our couples have an extraordinarily high completion rate of remaining sober and being successful in improving their relationship and reaching their individual goals.