Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Trinity Behavioral Health specializes in treating clients with dual diagnosis. It is estimated that approximately 8.9 million Americans are living with a co-occurring disorder, also known as dual diagnosis. And sadly, only 7.5% ever receive the proper care and treatment. 

Patients with co-occurring disorders struggle with many aspects of life, including in their relationship with others, maintaining employment, and other issues on top of their struggle with sobriety. This is due to not properly addressing both their mental illness and their substance abuse issue. 

We can assist in all areas of treating the individual. Our medical team assesses for mental illness, medical issues that need to be addressed as well as helping you gain the coping skills needed to maintain your sobriety. 

The alcohol and/or drug treatment that we have for patients with a Dual Diagnosis will be slightly different than in the case of solely drug or alcohol abuse treatment.

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Why Should I Choose A Dual Diagnosis Facility?

Most individuals treat only one of the two disorders, and relapse due to not properly addressing both their mental illness as well as their substance abuse issue. This usually causes one of both to worsen over time. Our experts know how to assist you with both treating your mental illness as well as your substance abuse issue. This will allow you to be successful in your sobriety and in life!